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The Life of the Party


Travel across time from mod to rave to disco in a vivacious interactive theatrical and film experience in which audience members are invited to participate as party guests


World Premier at the

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

August 14-20, 2016, 15:30 - 16:30

Bourbon Bar, 24a Frederick St, EH2 2JR













Created, produced, and performed by

Debra Keneally, Mahayana (Yana) Landowne, and Heather Alexa Woodfield


Press Inquires:

press - at- callingallparites.org


Additional Film Cast:

Kaiser Ghausi, Scot Henry, Brian Hornby, Jamie Leo, Leslie McIntyre, Carlijn Urlings


Film & Costumes: Heather Alexa Woodfield

Primary Cinematography & Photos: Rob Cohen

Graphics & Creative Consultant: Jamie Leo


Special Thanks to: Denise Dorn & Massy Ghausi, Kristen Marting, HERE Art Center, Kostume Kult, Thundergumbo, Carol Crump, Elyssa Vulpes.


Our Amazing Supporters: Aaron Rudelson, Adrienne Capone, Brennan Cavanaugh, Carol Crump, Denise Dorn, Doug Israel, Elissa Jiji, Fil Maresca, James Simon, Karen Marcantonio, Katherine Gooch-Breault, Kristin Marting, Lois Emanuelli, Ludovica Villar-Hauser, Mara Low, Michael Woodfield, Rich Orloff, Ritta Capone, Sandra Glazer, Steve and Christiane Landowne.


"Soundtrack" on YouTube



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