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Calling All Parties' interactive art projects at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival:



















Red Carpet

In Red Carpet, Mahayana Landowne unfurls the long train of her glamorous red carpet costume and invites festival-goers to walk on the Red Carpet while Heather Alexa Woodfield interviews them. The duo tell the participants how fabulous they are. The interviews are filmed and projected on mobile roving cinema costumes in the evenings.


Psychic Nails

In Psychic Nails, our artists, Mahayana Landowne and Heather Alexa Woodfield, act as fortune tellers and nail technicians, divining the future one manicure at a time. Our psychics read nail polish as one would read tea leaves. We share optimistic visions of the future and encourage participants to explore their creativity.


Postcards from the Fringe

The official chronicle of our Edinburgh escapades and August adventures


With special thanks to our supporters:

Charles Cleland, Joshua Diamons, Denise Dorn, George Ingalls, Jim Lomard, Joseph McElroy, Kristin Marting, Laura Newman, Gilad Rosner, Josh Skaller, Deborah Snyder, Wylie Stecklow, Stefan Weisman, Lara Wechsler, Sarah Wolfe

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Edinburgh Adventures
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